The Accursed Sovereign

Newest addition to the kitchen

Posted in Cooking by bradishn on November 1, 2009

A recently-acquired cast iron skillet!  Really low lip (no more than half an inch, tops), but should work fine on some morning eggs and bacon.  Some dude had a box truck in a parking lot at 52nd and Woodstock and was giving away all of his worldly possessions.  Seems he had been living out of the box truck, just moved out from his parents’ place, and was “freeing himself.”  Well, Geoff and I decided to assist in his liberation by taking this off his hands, along with some other sundries (notably a 12V battery setup that Geoff used in a recent tripwire setup.  Living with this kid always keeps you on your toes…).

Anywhom, I spent about half an hour today scouring this with a mesh copper scouring pad, washed it, dried it, put a thin layer of olive oil on it, and stuck it in the oven (375* F) for what ended up being about 90-120 minutes.  After letting it cool, I re-oiled it, threw it back in on the same temperature for another hour.  Re-oiled again, baked again for another 30 minutes, and finally re-oiled once more and baked for another 45 minutes.  It’s now a beautiful, cooking-worthy device just waiting to be used for great justice.


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