The Accursed Sovereign

Nationalism and Identity

Posted in Criticism by bradishn on November 5, 2009

Apparently it’s not only America that has issues over nationalism, identity, and immigration.  I especially appreciate this comment: “People can now decide if they’re a foreigner or French. And if they decide they don’t love France, then they can go.”  Arrogance and ignorance rear their heads as human universals.  As the lyrics from Anti-flag go, “If you think America’s so bad, why don’t you move to Russia!”  The true test of engaging with a democratic society as someone with a minority position is not giving up and going home, but having the patience to put up with the bullshit that ‘real’ nationals give you for being different.  I imagine the right must always be frustrated by homosexuals since, you know, there’s no Homosexual-land for them to move to when they take issue with American society.

I am reminded of this book that I read for my senior year thesis at Reed, True France: the wars over cultural identity, 1900-1945 by Herman Lebovics.  A good read, one I think I may put on my wish list for the holidays.  A historical account of French anthropologists who are all concerned with what is French, who is not French, etc, all issues about which this President Sarkozy seems to be concerned.  I think I may end up watching news regarding French elections for the first time in this coming year so as to follow-up on this.

I’ve no doubt that this movie is also relevant.  Definitely worth checking out, particularly if you’re into the gritty noir thing.


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