The Accursed Sovereign

The Young Mole

There once was a young mole that lived in a quarry.  Having taken to his own devices, he was alone in the quarry with the exception of a beautiful flower and a wise rabbit.  Every time the young mole would try to make his burrow, he would eventually hit a rock and was unable to proceed.

“Your claws are certainly sharp enough,” said the wise rabbit.  “You need only find the proper digging site.”

“Yes,” agreed the beautiful flower, “you will have a wonderous burrow one day!”

So the young mole stayed about his task, since there is little else to do in a quarry.  Eventually, after many attempted burrows, the mole sat down in frustration.

“All that lies in this quarry are rocks!  I shall never have my burrow.”  And he began to cry large tears of anger and frustration.

“Look, now,” exclaimed the wise rabbit, “your tears have softened what lies beneath you!  Dig down and you shall surely have your burrow!”

The beautiful flower looked on with pride and sorrow.

The young mole began to dig where he had wept and, sure enough, his tears had softened the dirt and loosened the rock.  He began constructing his burrow; first he dug a large antechamber, and built off it a great hallway.  The rooms he made off the hallway were grand sights to behold.  One contained a large swimming pool where he had found a wellsource of water.  In another, he used rocks to fashion a magnificent dining hall; it was large enough to fit fifty fat moles.  Finally, he built his master moleroom and, being quite tired, he stopped to rest.

In his dreams he saw only the quarry.  He was basking in the sunlight, and there was a cool breeze.  He lay near the beautiful flower, and the rabbit looked on in a sedate manner.

The mole awoke with a great weight upon his heart.  The mole missed the rabbit and the beautiful flower.  he lumbered through his great burrow, past the empty rooms of great beauty.  What is such beauty, thought the mole, without the gaze of others?

Upon reaching the surface of his burrow, the quarry, the mole looked about.  He could not find the rabbit or the flower anywhere.  Finally, he noticed on the ground beside him a stalk that had been bitten down to within an inch of the ground.

The mole knelt over the stalk and began to cry tears of great longing.  His tears fall upon the stalk and, soon thereafter, were soaked up by the stalk.  Before long, the stalk began to grow and grow.  By the time the mole had used up all of his tears, there was a beautiful flower in his arms.

“Don’t cry, sad mole,” beseeched the beautiful flower.  “I am here and in your arms.”

“Alas!” cried the mole, “I thought you were gone forever!  Though that burrow is great, I shan’t live there if I cannot have your company.”

“But you worked so hard to make that burrow!  What shall you do, live in the quarry?”

“Aye,” replied the mole.  “I’ve lived in the quarry before.  After all, what is a quarry but a burrow made by another?”

And so the mole and the beautiful flower lived out their days together in the quarry, until the day they died, happily ever after.

* * *

One day a group of moles came upon a burrow in a quarry.  They were astounded at the magnificence of this burrow, and seeing as how it was unused, took up residence in this burrow.  In one room in particular, the master moleroom, they found a great mural upon the wall.  In the mural, a mole and a rabbit danced around a beautiful flower.


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